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Choose Your Best Career Options with DMIT Test Software

DMIT or, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, enables us in ascertaining ‘multiple intelligence’ or talent of an individual, which is based on dermatoglyphics and fingerprints. DMIT has been widely accepted in Asian counties to assess a person’s personality and other traits by analyzing his fingerprints. DMIT involves scientific study of the human fingerprints patterns. Howard Gardner initially suggested the Theory of Multiple Intelligence’s in 1983. The theory of Multiple Intelligence’s states that everyone does not born with all of the intelligence he might develop sometime later in his life period. This clearly implies that intelligence can be developed through learning any time during our life. Additionally, the theory also claims that everybody has intelligence in at least eight different disciplines, which he can grow exceeding the average level of competency.

DMIT Test Software

1. Your Inborn Talents:

Since every child has a unique ability to do something extraordinary, but more important is to realize the nature of that unique ability and excel it with practice and performance. DMIT software helps us to find out that unique ability, which a child or person inherits. The existing methods, conducting Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, make use of DMIT test software based on following attributes a person inherits.

2. Multiple intelligence Levels:

A child is born with 8 different intelligence’s or talents. These levels of multiple intelligence’s are given as below:

  • Intrapersonal
  • Logical
  • Linguistic
  • Visual
  • Musical
  • Kinesthetic
  • Naturalist

The DMIT test software can help you to find out the level of Multiple Intelligence you are inherited with.

3. Quotients:

Just like Multiple Intelligence, every person is having four different Quotients given as below:

  • IQ – Intelligence Quotient
  • EQ – Emotional Quotient
  • AQ – Adversity Quotient
  • CQ – Creativity Quotient

One person with weak IQ can do amazingly well in other areas. Thus, you can also analyze your level of Quotients with the help of DMIT software.

4. Learning ways:

Similarly, a person can develop his learning skills in three different ways, mentioned as below:

  • Visual Learner- seeing
  • Auditory Learner- listening
  • Kinesthetic Learner- doing

DMIT test software also helps you in ascertaining your style of learning.

5. Types of personalities and behaviors:

Similarly, a person dominates a different type of personality and behavior. Different types of personalities and behaviors are listed below:

  • Eagle – Aggressive, Dominant, Bold, Independent
  • Peacock – Influential, Enthusiastic, Showy
  • Dove – Steady, Social and Team Player
  • Owl – Compliant, Perfectionist and Analytical

6. Brain Dominance:

DMIT test software helps us to find Left and Right Brain Dominance:

1. Left Brain

  • Calculations
  • Numbers
  • Analysis
  • Grammar
  • Logic

2. Right Brain

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Creativity
  • Pictures
  • Music

You can know your Brain Dominance with the help of DMIT software.
Advanced DMIT test software can help you to go many steps ahead as to ascertain your inclination towards a particular stream. This can also hint you about choosing your hobby and profession. There are many brands of DMIT software available in the market. DMIT software makes analysis using the fingerprint scanning and generates reports based on fingerprint analysis.


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