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What Midbrain Activation is all about ?

Sometimes, your brain does not function like it is supposed to function. You might have heard from so many parents that their child is poor at studies, it happens when your midbrain does not perform well. Brain is an important part of your body that lets the action performed by the other body parts. Every…

Learn About Midbrain Activation System’s Importance in India

The best way to guide children towards successful career paths is to ensure that proper knowledge is delivered and to understand each child’s unique personalities. As we are aware that education system in India focuses more on forcefully filling information on the children’s minds, rather than delivering actual knowledge. It is one of main reasons…

Midbrain Activation In India

Humans utilize only 10 % of their total brain capacity. The human brain functions in an optimal way, only when the left and the right brain remains in equilibrium. Midbrain activation is the method of bringing about a balance, between the left and the right brain. The Midbrain acts like a bridge between the creative…