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What does DMIT Software Do?


DMIT is an abbreviation of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. DMIT Software means Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Software. The software is usually used to identify the inborn talent of an Individual. One of the oldest in field of the development of DMIT Software is brain shaper. Dematoglyphics refers to the study of Palms, finger patterns, and toes. These…

Choose Your Best Career Options with DMIT Test Software

DMIT or, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, enables us in ascertaining ‘multiple intelligence’ or talent of an individual, which is based on dermatoglyphics and fingerprints. DMIT has been widely accepted in Asian counties to assess a person’s personality and other traits by analyzing his fingerprints. DMIT involves scientific study of the human fingerprints patterns. Howard Gardner…

Midbrain Activation In India

Humans utilize only 10 % of their total brain capacity. The human brain functions in an optimal way, only when the left and the right brain remains in equilibrium. Midbrain activation is the method of bringing about a balance, between the left and the right brain. The Midbrain acts like a bridge between the creative…