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Effect of Anger and Over Caring by Family Members


The parents seen the lower functioning of child by age of 10 months, the child was not able to crawl as he was not appropriately functioning as per the age, index patient was seen as very active in childhood, they seen that the activity of child increased by the age of 4. The parent tried by scolding and controlling behavior which was not much effective on child.

The parents faced many problems by child as broken things, running here and there, hitting people if stopped, not able to concentrate in any activity, which used to create problem for them and it was hard to maintain the child’s behavior, they started consulting to different general practitioners before three years from where they took treatment in initial, after which they got referred to a DMIT Expert where finally child started on appropriate remedies and shown some significant improvement, after decreasing hyperactivity on functional level, they got referred for further progressive counselling.


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