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Why Mother Toddler Program is Important

When your child gets 9 months old, people might start asking about putting your child into a preschool. Before your child starts academic study, it is good to develop some interactive and creative skills in your child. For the development of child, parental concern is really important. Nowadays, parents remain busy with their jobs and…

How To Improve Your Memory

Just recall your childhood days when you were able to remember and recall most of the things you came across. Irrespective of the volume, you were able to store many things in your brain very easily, which included numbers, alphabets, poems, stories etc. Unfortunately, as we grew older, we tend to forget even the most…

A Transformational Educational & Learning System – Mnemonics

Global educational systems have been transforming a greater pace because of the introduction of the significant introduction of the learning techniques. Students also show their deep interest to learn new things and solve larger problems. The mission and role of DMITStudio is to advance the stream of knowledge and educate students in different fields so…