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Basics of Personality Test and Psychometric Test

Understanding the Basics of Personality Test and Psychometric Test

The ample availability of the personality or psychometric tests has made easy for the current generation to evaluate themselves effectively. Such tests are highly conducive to determining the right career path, overall personality, and intelligence quotient of an individual. However, at times, it can be confusing as, which test should be adjudged as the best choice for a particular organization or an individual. To eradicate this confusion, it is imperative to understand the basic difference between the two types of tests and their results.

What is a psychometric test?

It is a test that involves assessing one’s personality. The results of this test help in determining the overall facets in people. If a person answers all the questions with honesty and spontaneity, the test is highly efficient in measuring the different aspects such as emotional stability, a degree of leadership, thinking structure, social competence and motivation.

What is a personality test?

Personality test adjudges the overall personality of an individual. It can be used for various purposes such as organizational development, recruitment, and counseling. The test can be carried out for curiosity purpose also.  It is generally based on hypothetical and situational questions. For a personality test to be effective, it is essential to know about its source and credibility. Taking a test using a non-dependable source can cause serious harm to an individual or an organization. The information derived from the test can be used for determining a career path or other important aspects of life, therefore it has to be taken by a credible source.

Which test is more reliable?

Both the tests are important, but thinking they are interchangeable is a big mistake. A Psychometric Test is more scientific and practical when it comes to the application. The standard of the test is determined by examining a set of the individuals in the general population. This sample is considered as a representative for  adjudging all the candidates.  This test is carried out twice to make that the results are stable. Therefore, the analysis and accuracy of the test can be trusted.

However, the process can be a bit costly and lengthy as opposed to the personality test which is just based on hypothetical questions and is conducted online.

There are certain rules that apply to both the tests. The candidate appearing in the tests has to answer all the questions with utmost honesty and there should not be any fraudulent play. But a psychometric test is backed by scientific validation as opposed to the personality test.

In the case of the personality test, it becomes difficult to validate the derived information. Taking these tests online might not reveal misleading information but its accountability can be contested.

You need to choose a reliable test that will serve your requirements. For this purpose, the selection of the tool is imperative. The tool has to be simple, fast and capable of producing accountable results. No matter whether the test is a personality or psychometric. It must be backed by scientific verification.


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