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What Midbrain Activation is all about ?

Sometimes, your brain does not function like it is supposed to function. You might have heard from so many parents that their child is poor at studies, it happens when your midbrain does not perform well. Brain is an important part of your body that lets the action performed by the other body parts. Every mother and father wish their children perform well in studies and to be smart and intelligent. So, there are many Midbrain Activation techniques that are being adopted and useful for activating your midbrain so that your brain becomes more effective.


What is midbrain activation ?

Midbrain activation is a course in which the senses of a human being are activated. The brain consists of two parts, i.e. left brain and right brain. Brain can only work actively if the two brains work in proper balance. The program is basically meant for children between the age group of 5 years to 15 years old. It is aimed at teaching children visual experiences, even without seeing the things.

Why there is a need of Midbrain Activation?

  1. To keep balance between the left brain and the right brain.
  2. To increase the memory of the brain.
  3. To increase the reasoning ability of the brain.
  4. To make children smarter and intelligent.
  5. To enhance the emotional ability of a child.

Techniques for midbrain activation:

  1. Brain Gym: Brain gym is an effective way to help people to reduce stress and to activate the brain in a proper way. In this program, a person learns around 26 exercises and it is advised to do those exercises regularly to reduce the stress.
  2. Meditation: Meditation is a traditional technique that has been in use for last many years. In this technique, a person has to sit alone and relax for a few minutes. This technique is really beneficial in refreshing the brain.
  3. Blindfold activation: Blindfold activation is a technique in which five senses, such as smell, touch, sight, sound and taste of a human being are activated. It gives the ability of identifying things even when eyes are blindfolded. This technique is very beneficial for blind children as they learn to experience the five senses of the body.
  4. Eyeball exercises:In this technique, a person is trained about different eye exercises. It is helpful in improving the movement of eyeballs, widening the vision of the eyes, and enhancing the ability of reading.

Therefore, understanding the need of midbrain activation, it can be stated that it is highly beneficial for finding out the best in the children. Midbrain activation In India is helping a lot children to grow and progress in academics as well as socially. Midbrain activation results are always found to be positive as midbrain activation technique is the most effective technique to activate the brain an reduce stress.

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