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DMIT, also known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test are the biometric examination of fingerprints through comparison as well as observation. DMIT’s base is in neuroscience and genetics. If anyone wants to estimate the brain power and the in-built abilities, then DMIT is the most effective way. One can predict the learning capacity and intelligence of a child with this test.

DMIT Benefits for Your Child:

  • DMIT helps you in knowing the inborn abilities and learning style of your child. One can determine the hidden talents that he/she possess, and appreciate his/her inborn characteristics

  • DMIT helps parents in understanding their child better and also helps them in communicating in a much more effective way.

  • The parents can explore the natural capacities as well as the nature of the child, which helps them in offering the child with the learning habits which suits the child’s capacities.

  • DMIT test helps in discovering the child’s brain which can help the parents in supporting the weak areas of the child.

DMIT Benefits for Adults:

As effective this test is for school-going children, it is much more effective for adults.

  • After the DMIT test has taken place, one gets a report of the individual characteristics with guidelines on how to attain more success in life.

  • It helps in understanding the true capacity of one, in order to get effective results.

  • One can thoroughly understand one’s personality easily with DMIT.

  • The test provides you with a complete report on Creative Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Adversity Quotient etc which can help in developing a person in professional as well as personal life.

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