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DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a scientific study of the human fingerprints patterns. This test is the most effective and useful way to understand individual’s personality type and potential. DMIT is basically based upon the understanding of genetics, psychology, embryology, neuroscience and Dermatoglyphics. The assessment methods of DMIT test has been created by the medical experts and scientists. Experts confirmed that finger prints provide the exact study of humans Multiple Intelligences and innate or natural potential. The entire process is done by the help of DMIT Software.

DMIT software is a boon for those who are in the search of their path to achieving milestones in life. Today, career is an essential thing for each and every person. We all are blessed with some inborn potentials and abilities. It is very hard to found those abilities. With the help of this fantastic software, you can identify your inner potentials and inborn abilities. DMIT Test Software is one of the most effective and scientifically proven tools to develop and enhance such talents.

DMIT Franchise

We, DMIT Studio are the most reliable source for such software. We are here to provide such an outstanding tool for finding out innate capabilities and potentials. We want to spread this magical tool all around the world so that people can understand their personality type and potential. We are providing DMIT Franchise in the country. Our vision and mission are to be the foremost DMIT Franchise provider all around the world including India.

We have the strongest team who work with lots of passion and dedication. We are already connected with so many educational and professional institutions. If you choose our services, you will get:

  • A team of professional dedicated to work enthusiastically with DMIT franchise.
  • Excellent training programs with higher standard and support.
  • Extra support from qualified and experienced staff
  • A promise of long-term association with us

Achieving the highest milestone and success is the right of every individual. Therefore, we are offering this beautiful tool for every age group to take help from it to find out all the hidden talents and potential. This will help you to get accurate field as a career. We have only one aim to discover and enhance the individual’s innate capabilities and motivate them to meet their goals. When they meet their dreams they will definitely turn out to be the greatest resources for our country.

USP of Our DMIT Software Service

  • We offer Certificate of Authenticity with our software which enables creation of 100% authentic and highly individualized DMIT brand.
  • First time in the history of Dermatoglyphics, we introduce 2 scanner options in capturing the fingerprints.
  • Free unlimited psychometric: The changes in the intelligence of a person can be measured only through psychometric test, for which the psychometric companies do not charge less than INR 3000. We offer this test for free of cost to unlimited number of users.
  • We have an experience of 6 years in the retail market and has the best infrastructure to not only manufacture brands but also to offer the best retail strategies and support that can be translated into growth and success.

Features of DMIT Test Software:

  • The DMIT software is associated with a massive database and it is proficient of analyzing every person separately without applying a template approach
  • This standard DMIT Test Software is powered with the understanding of our certified Dermatoglyphics analyst team
  • Exceptional and uncomplicated to use customization options to build individualized DMIT reports with different themes, designs, colors and graphics as per the choice and requirements of the client.
  • It can be easily circulated within your franchisees, employees and distributors.
  • There is no higher limit for the number of users of the DMIT software.
  • This is a onetime investment. There is no renewal fee or royalty on the DMIT software; it does not even need any maintenance cost.
  • You can get several types of reports, such as limited report, life time report; compatibility report etc. can be easily developed with the DMIT software.

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