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Mr. Deepak
Deepak is a long term Veteran of therapeutic and behavior management programmes.He has more than 12 years of first-hand industry experience and has held senior-level positions in Multinational companies .Deepak diversified background includes some of the most notable names in the Insurance , Banking and Healthcare industries. His specialties include marketing, Sales, Training, developing and applying effective interventions to promote psychological wellbeing, social, emotional and behavioral development, and to raise training standards.

  • Certified Psychometric in USA
  • Certified Fingerprint Expert from Forensic Department.
  • Certified Dermatoglyphics from IHM.
  • Trained by Internationally trained trainers (Malaysia & Singapore).
  • Designing and developing courses for parents, teachers and others involved with the education of children and young people on topics such as bullying .
  • Retail Experience of more than 6 years with counseling exposure of 2000+ reports.
  • Franchisee exposure of all 3 boards of India –CBSE,ICSE & State Board.
  • Advising, persuading, supporting and negotiating with teachers, parents and other education professionals .
  • Attending case conferences involving multidisciplinary teams on how best to meet the social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs of the children and young people in their care.
  • Prioritising effectiveness - the context and environment that influence the child’s development are seen as increasingly important.
  • Formulating interventions that focus on applying knowledge, skills and expertise to support local and national initiatives.
  • Developing and applying effective interventions to promote psychological wellbeing, social, emotional and behavioural development, and to raise educational standards.

Senior Psychologists & Counsellor
sanjib raj

  • A Management Faculty & Consultant, Corporate Trainer & Youth Counselor
  • More than 25 years of experience in teaching, training and counseling.
  • Visiting Faculty and trainer to numerous regional and national organizations and institutes of repute.
  • Has designed, conducted several need based training programs, counseling sessions for youth to reputed schools and institutes.

Mr. Siddharth
A sales management professional with a rich experience of 15years in sales,team management and people development with a proven track record of developing new business's ,he has worked with some of the biggest brands such as boots india,eureka forbes and HUL ,with his diversity of experience combined with his genuine approach and ultimate motivational skills he has performed exceptionally well throughout his career.

Ms. Shikha Singh,
Brain Before Birth Expert and ASPIRING PHYSIOTHERAPIST
Shikha Singh

  • Examining, treating, advising and instructing patients in connection with movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease, physical and mental conditions using physical agents including exercise, mobilization, manipulation, mechanical and electrotherapy, activity and devices or diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • Giving Rehabilitation Services to the patient which is a vital therapeutic supplement of the medical profession, integral to the treatment of most patients.
  • As a physiotherapists treat a wide range of ailments, basically specialized in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports physical therapy, neurology, clinical electro physiologic and cardiopulmonary therapy.
  • Using various therapeutic intervention techniques to treat a patient.
  • Having worked in the ICU, general wards, burns division and OPDs at various medical institutions have given a wide range of experience.

Ms. Richa Verma,
Backend and customer care Executive
Richa Verma

  • Hard working Good Comprehensive and analytical abilities.
  • Good inter personal and communication skills.
  • Leadership Quality.
  • Confident.
  • Passion for continuous learning and personal growth.
  • Highly motivated and driven, with strong desire to excel.
  • Sense of Responsibility.


  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Willing To Learn
  • Sandeep Vishwakarma
  • Positive Attitude
  • Goal oriented
  • Creative
  • Ability to Co-ordinate people