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A scientific Study suggests that we add 2.5quitillion bytes of information every day to the already existing information database. Considering that how vast information and knowledge is growing and such a fast rate “We” at SMART CLASSES developed a unique system of education that helps students to learn at a faster rate and retain the same over a long span of time.

Considering the above fact we came up with a concept- SMART KID.

A SMART KID is a normal child which under our expert technical guidance acquires the techniques to finish 4hour study in 1hour. Not only this, he also remembers the same for a very long period of time. In order to do this we have developed a technique called as “Integrated Smart Class”. Integrated Smart Class is a technique where we use a mix of Interactive audio/visual teaching technology, Smart Maths, Mnemonics and Magic dictionary to boost a child’s learning and retaining ability and also to improve their calculation ability, mental ability and memory. For the same, we also use a SMART dictionary, which is a tool that helps them to learn and remember more than 1600 words in less than 60 hours which they remember forever.

We at SMART classes believe that “today” students need a system of education which helps them acquire knowledge at a faster rate, thus, giving them the time to enjoy sports, social media, social life, co curricular activities etc.,

So we introduced the concept of SMART KID, a student who is well aware of his talents and weaknesses and also knows how to do SMART STUDY. A student who knows his future career objectives and has started working on the same at a very early age.

Following is an example that illustrates how a Smart Kid studies a complicated topic such as structure and fuction of human eye and remembers it for a very long period of time.


Now anyone can start a coaching institute anywhere without any hassle. You don’t have to be a teacher or very rich to start a SMART COACHING CLASS. With our 24x7 assistance and easy teaching modules and training programs you can start your own coaching and you do not need expensive teachers to run your coaching.

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